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Zero $ Bankruptcy - Brainerd, MN


* With a qualified and accepted third-party guarantor.  Filing fee required prior to filing.  Please see our “How Fees Are Paid” page for more information.

Zero Down BankruptcyHow about a fresh start? Get out from under your bills, stop creditors from taking money out of your pay check and bank account, and stop foreclosure of your home. Call to schedule a FREE, no obligation phone or in-person consultation!

We handle emergency and short notice filings, which will stop foreclosure sales and will stop creditors from taking money out of your pay check and bank accounts. In some cases, you can remove a second mortgage on your home. 

We fix troubled bankruptcies! If for any reason you have started a bankruptcy with another attorney or a ‘do it yourself’ legal service, and things have gone wrong, we can help! The law office of Edward R. Shaw, P.A. has stepped into many troubled bankruptcy situations and set things back on the right course.

The law office of Attorney Edward R Shaw has been handling bankruptcies for over 10 years, and has a strong reputation for handling bankruptcies competently and with compassion. Affordable flat fees get your bankruptcy done right the first time!