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Do I Need an Attorney for a Restraining Order?

Domestic Abuse Orders for Protection (OFPs) are often called restraining orders.  OFPs can be filed when there is an allegation of domestic abuse.  These orders have serious consequences. Custody of children is often decided as well as parenting time if children are involved. 

An order made in an OFP proceeding can usually be changed in a divorce or custody case, but it often takes months to get into court.  If you lose custody in an OFP proceeding, It is very difficult to get it back.  If your parenting time is restricted to supervised parenting time in the OFP proceeding, it can be very difficult to make it unsupervised. 

You can also be removed from your home, even if your name is on the title or lease, and are barred by federal law from possessing a gun.  In some cases you may lose your job depending on what type of work you do.  These are serious cases with serious consequences. 

Do you need an attorney?  If you care about your children or house or enjoy hunting you should be represented.