Brainerd, MN Attorney at Law

Holidays and Lawyers

For all the fun of the holidays, they do have an unfortunate connection with legal troubles for some people. Between holiday party DUIs, relative induced family stresses, and growing credit card debt, the season can send us to the lawyer’s office. Much as I would love to meet you, you would probably rather not get acquainted at my office.

Three ways to avoid seeing me this season:

1. Sharing the holidays with your children’s other parent who you do not live with can be tough. Being flexible in splitting up holiday time with the children makes the season easier and helps keep you out of court. Sometimes the other side is not willing to work and seeking legal assistance is the only alternative. I am happy to help when you need me, but most people are happier if they can avoid a legal dispute.

2. The blood alcohol limit is low, .08. It is very easy to get over the limit with three drinks, sometimes two if they are strong, and not feel drunk. Police are out this time of year. If you want to party, get a ride or a cab. It will keep you out of trouble and save you a bundle.

3. If finances are tight, and they are for most of us these days, go easy on the shopping. Your loved ones will not care how much money you spend on them.

Have a great time this holiday season.