Brainerd, MN Attorney at Law

Start the New Year Off Right

Many of us have taken a beating with the economy of the last few years. The good news is that employment is picking up and companies are starting to hire.

If you have old judgments and unpaid bills, your new job means that they will be able to take money out of your paycheck and get any money that you have in the bank. Just because you have been unable to pay for a while does not mean that they forgot about you.

I get calls all the time from clients who thought that their old debt had gone away until they got a notice that their entire bank account was frozen, leaving them unable to cover their checks, or that a big chunk of their paycheck was being taken every week, making it impossible to make ends meet.

What should you do with your old debt? Filing bankruptcy is a good option because it will prevent your creditors from taking your money and allow you to get back on your feet and re-start your life.

Just because you have not heard from your old creditors for a while does not mean that they are gone. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the old Terminator movies, “they will be back” unless you file bankruptcy and terminate them for good.