Brainerd, MN Attorney at Law

That Online Bargain is More Expensive Than You Think

Why not do your legal work online? It looks easy, the forms seem simple, the instructions on the law seem reasonable, if seems to not cost much, what is there not to like?

Online legal advice from non-attorneys and do-it-yourself forms have many pitfalls. Most law in this country is state specific and most online sources offer general information or forms that do not comply with the laws of our state.

Even when such services claim to be state specific, the state specific information is often not accurate. Law, like medicine, car repair, electrical work, accounting and other specialized fields is very complex. Getting parts and a brochure from the car dealer or electrician’s shop does not mean that I will do a good job replacing my transmission or wiring my house.

Without training, I may get the wires in, but they will not work or cause big problems later. Clients have paid me a lot of money over the years to fix legal short circuits.

In some cases the effects of do-it-yourself lawyering cannot be fixed.

Getting it done right the first time often does not cost as much as you think and it is almost always cheaper than fixing the consequences of badly done work later.